Why choose can rent build credit?

Why choose can rent build credit?

Why choose CanRentBuildCredit.com

Why choose us?

We built this company with the goal to help people have a stronger credit foundation & to revolutionize the credit industry. We have dedicated over a decade to mastering the credit systems, which in return allow us to report your rent payments and rental history to the credit bureaus. Trust CanRentBuildCredit.com, because we did this for you. 

Why did we create this business?

Joel Brown, the owner of CanRentBuildCredit, was in the mortgage business and when the housing market crashed in 2008, everything changed for mortgage lenders. After the 2008 bubble popped, the lenders quickly put huge limitations on people with minimal credit scores or people with no credit. This killed the mortgage business for people with ‘bad’ credit scores. This all changed in 2019, when they credit bureaus allowed tenets to start claiming their rent payments. So many people have bad credit or no credit, yet they pay their rent every month on time. This company was established to help people finally get the credit they deserve. 

What does our company do?

The common misconception is that your monthly rent payments are being automatically being reported to the credit bureaus. It is not!

Our company is one of VERY few companies that are registered with the 3 major credit bureaus. This relationship we have allows us to report your rent payments and history on your landlords behalf, directly to the bureaus.

In other words… Every month you pay your rent, we will tell the credit bureaus that you have paid ‘on time’ and the amount you paid. When the credit systems see this, they assume you are a good credit risk and will in return immediately increase your credit score, on average about 30-50 points. Additionally, they continue to increase your credit score every month there-after. 

  • Typically, your monthly rent payments make up about 25-35% of your monthly income. So, by not reporting this to the credit bureaus, they think you are just wasting this money on various things that are not ‘responsible’ things. However, using our service tells the bureaus that instead you are paying a contract for your lease. which they view as a VERY responsible thing to do with your money. This is why they increase your credit score and each month that you’re making your payments, your credit scores are increasing a little bit by bit. 

  • Not only do we post your current payments, we’re able to go back as far as TWO YEARS and SUPERCHARGE your credit by reporting all of those positive payment credits/history. So you can now get the credit that you’ve been paying for each and every month. Every month you’re going to start getting the benefit of having a better credit score. 

We would love to help you see your rent payments reported to the credit bureaus and have a better credit score

If you’ve got any questions, please ask them… We’re here to answer them, and we’re here to help you.

1. You Sign Up

CanRentBuildCredit.com has only 3 quick questions.

  1. To get your information
  2. To get your landlord’s information for your payment history
  3. To choose which product you want to purchase.

2. We Verify Your Information

CanRentBuildCredit.com starts by confirming the information you provided on your landlord / property manager through independent data research to make sure it is complete and accurate.

We then verify the information you provided on your application with the landlord /property management company to make sure it is accurate. Once we establish a connection with your Landlord, we then invite them to link their account to our bank level bill payment system.

If for any reason CanRentBuildCredit.com is unable to verify your rent or your landlord will not except ACH direct payments, we will promptly give you 100% refund. 

3. CRBC Verifies Payments & Reports Credit

After your account is established with CanRentBuildCredit.com, you will pay your rent through our online portal.  Once the funds have been received, we will verify that the funds meet or exceed the amount due for your monthly rent.  Then, we report (on the 21st of every month) to all three of the national credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. This can show on your credit report in as little as 7 days.  

Note: Processing payments through our system can take up to 5 days.  We suggest that all renters make payments a minimum of 5 days before the past due date.