Offer Rent Reporting to tenants with zero expense to you!

Our bill payment system is offered to you at no cost your client pays a small convenience fee per processed transaction.

Retain Strong renters longer

We all know it is more economical to keep a client than to find a new client, but with 1000s of our clients looking to report their credit our network can help keep your properties full.

Make rent payments your tenants first priority

It is always nice to have your payments come in first.  When your renters see that paying their rent can skyrocket their scores you are sure to be their first priority,

Fastest payment gateway in the market

Our system will direct deposit into your account within 24 hours of our system processing your payment.

Keep your tenants safe

Our bank level technology insures your renters information will be safe and secure.

We utilize PCI-DSS compliant, 256-bit SSL encryption, and tokenized payment system.