Your Reference Code: 4094


Money Back Guarantee

If we are unable to work with your Landlord we will refund 100% of your money.

Can Rent Build Credit..... Oh Yes it Can

Payment history makes up the single largest portion of your credit score, and for 99% of all renters, rent is their largest payment.  Come join Can Rent Build Credit and start reporting to  national credit bureaus today!!

Your Reference Code Is : 4094

Renter Annual Fee

Billed $75 recurring annually
$ 75 sign up fee
  • account is renewed 12 months from start date
  • NOTE !!!! You will be rebilled one year from your signup date. EACH online payment will charge
    $2.50 per transaction. .
22% savings

Renter + Monthly Fee

Billed $24.95 sign up fee then $5.95 each month
$ 24
sign up fee
  • + $5.95 per month
  • NOTE !!!! $5.95 is a recurring fee billed quarterly. EACH online payment will charge
    $2.50 per transaction. .

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