Thank you for your interest. I have an incredible lead source for real estate agents nationwide. To give you a little background of where the lead source is coming from, I want to highlight my husband’s company. He owns a credit rental reporting company that reports clients rent payments to all 3 credit bureaus. Through his business, he has created strong relationships with mortgage lenders and credit repair companies. They take clients who want higher credit, in hopes of buying a home, and nurtures them through the credit repair process so that they come out at the end with a credit profile that is ready to go for buying a new home. Until this year, that is where the life cycle of the client ended. The database of clients that was served last year was more than 25,000. These are clients who have been through a very thorough financial and credit makeover, getting them ready to buy a home.  

That’s where I come in with the Moxy Group at Peak Results Realty. We are looking to partner with trusted mortgage and real estate professionals where we can take our clients with repaired credit and convert them to home buyers. Our clients will come to us from my husband’s company and we will place them in to our trusted network of real estate agents and mortgage lenders. These leads will come to you AFTER they are fully approved by one of our trusted lenders, so you will be getting qualified and quality leads.

We still need more trusted lenders so feel free to share if you have someone you trust

There are a few expectations of the agents and lenders in our network.  

  1. There will be a standard 25% real estate referral fee
  2. We expect updates through the buying process weekly, We will provide a tracking system, at no cost to you, that allows you to do this easily.
  3. The clients will be working with a lender in our network, so no directing clients to another lender.  We do follow up with the lenders and even the clients after the home purchase
    • If there is an issue between you and the lender, please refer back to us and we will assist in any way we can
    • For the purpose of this transaction, you and the lender are a team 
  4. We do also expect that any of your clients that might need some credit services to prepare them to buy a home, you will refer them back into our system.  (we will make sure when they are ready to buy a house, they come back to you)

We have qualified and eager buyers that have been nurtured up this point, so we want to make sure you can give them a professional and comfortable experience.  We have this incredible real estate pipeline and just need a trusted network to complete the full life cycle for these clients.

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