HSH Mortgage WorkFlow

Credit Innovation Group will work with customers to repair, build, and leverage their credit. Home Sweet Home will coordinate the LO on file and our preferred Real Estate Partner. 


By accepting these borrowers you are agreeing to: 


  • Provide excellent customer experience. Our mission statement is “Human touch is the difference” and this must be exemplified throughout their origination and closing process
  • Refer the customer back to Credit Innovation Group (preferably with instructions the borrower will need to return to you ready for pre-approval)
  • Update Monday.com through the major milestones in the loan process as outlined below 

HSH will assign you to a referral in Monday.com

The milestones are as follows: 

  1. New Lead

  1. Loan App Taken

    1. An application is generated and credit is pulled

3) Mortgage Pre Approval- The borrower has provided some or all supporting documentation

At this stage input Pre Approval Amount. If for any reason an LO is unable to issue a Pre-Approval see steps Lost, Back To CIG, Client Put On Hold etc.

Once the Pre Approval amount has been entered into the column it will trigger HSH to place them with a trusted agent. Your file will be on hold until the client has an active contract.


4) Appraisal Ordered- The file should remain in this stage while the Appraisal is ordered, scheduled, and returned.


5) Loan Processing – When supporting docs are being collected and the file is being prepared for underwriting.


6) Underwriting- The file has been submitted to an underwriter either inhouse or with a broker.

7) Clear to Close- The file is out of underwriting and all conditions have been cleared. At this point the LO should update the files in the column “Closing Date”.  

The following tags should be selected when the loan is not on course to close:


1) Lost- The file was lost to a competitor or the customer has chosen not to continue with you 


2) Client Put On Hold-  A client may be put on hold for a multiple of reasons i.e., medical issues, traveling, waiting for supporting documentation. If the customer needs to age the file due to a bk, foreclosure, recent 30 day late, etc return the file to CIG so we can continue to build their credit and nurture the client until it’s time to return them to you.


3) Back To CIG- A client will be labeled “Back to Cig” if at any point in the file the client will not qualify due to credit issues, debt-to-income issues, no down payment, or any items that their Credit Specialist can work with them month over month to correct.

Final Notes:


Remember that if the file winds up under these tags with specific notes it will allow us to work with the customer to return to you. If DTI is too high we can encourage getting a co-borrower or paying down debt, if credit history is too short we can report years of rental history, if there are negative items that are weighing down scores we can provide fast and effective credit repair. 

The better the notes, the more effectively we can send you ready to close deals. You can add notes by clicking on the comment button which will open the activity log and update section.