Successful Sign Up

1. Credit Innovation Group will review your submission. If you’ve made any submissions that require us to learn more or ask more questions then we will email you for more explanation on those items. 
2. Once all items are complete from you we will send you a link to complete the Verification of Rent. That link should be sent directly to your landlord or property manager. They will verify the information you submitted and sign the form. We will capture the IP address to ensure we are collecting data from your landlord or property manager. 
3. Your rent will be reported once every month to Equifax and TransUnion. Once rent has been reported you should see it on your reports anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks. In total this process can 60 to 90 days to reflect on your accounts. 
Thank you for trusting us to help empower your credit profile! Your file has been updated.