Can Rent Build Credit?

For over 100 years, renters have not been able to build credit from paying their rent on-time, UNTIL NOW!

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Our sign up process takes just a few minutes. We gather some basic information about you and the landlord. Once the information is verified, you are well on your way to a stronger credit score!

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Conveniently pay your rent by eCheck online (ACH) or through the mobile app. Using our PCI-DSS compliant, 256-bit SSL encryption, and tokenized payment system is simple and secure!

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Every month that you pay your rent using Can Rent Build Credit’s secure platform, you build positive credit because we report to all three of the national credit bureaus: Transunion, & Equifax. Get credit where credit is due!

Are you a renter?

Get ready to hear some bad news and good news.


Your rent is NOT helping you boost or build your credit.

Let us explain. It is a modern misconception that your on-time monthly rent payments are being reported as positive information to the credit bureaus.

Unfortunately, they are not. How is it in this day and age with all our amazing technology that a landlord/rental company doesn’t automatically talk with the credit bureaus?

The answer is simple. Your landlord doesn’t have permission to upload their data or your records directly to the bureaus. Your landlord doesn’t have access or permission to talk directly to the complex credit bureau systems.

The question you may be asking then is, does my landlord have my best interest in mind?

Typically, the only time your landlord will report to a credit bureau is when you are being evicted or you are late on your rent.

How does this work? Your landlord hires an independent collection company to get their money from you. That company is generally only paid when they collect your past due payments from you.

Sadly, your landlord can quickly report you as a ‘bad tenet,’ with no option to ever report you as a ‘good tenet.’


We have found a solution that can help! Allow us to introduce ourselves...

We are your VIP ‘backstage’ access to the credit reporting bureaus.

How it works?

We are the middle man, the communicator between your rent history and the credit bureaus.

We share your current monthly payment, plus up to your last two years of rental history directly to the credit bureaus.

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Our Story

The founders of CanRentBuildCredit.com started our quest to help the under-credited more than a decade ago. We positioned all three credit Bureaus to allow us to help those with less than perfect credit by reporting credit that they already had in the first place: Rent, utilities, cell phones, etc. It was an uphill battle to convince an industry to change their ways overnight when they have been doing business the same way for over 100 years. Although the day has been a long time coming, it is finally here. We can now report what is most people’s largest expense, their rent!