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And the feeling does not go away, even with more rest. Twice as many women as men are diagnosed with CFS, and it is more common in people over age 40. It may last a month, a couple of years, or many years.

Inflammation, and with it physical pain and poor sleep that can extend through the night to early morning, are common symptoms of these disorders. Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or exhaustion or a need to rest because of lack of energy or strength. Fatigue may result from overwork, poor sleep, worry, boredom, or lack of exercise. It is a symptom that may be caused by illness, medicine, or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. People with chronic fatigue syndrome often feel so tired that they cannot do even half of their normal daily activities.

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Check in with yourself to establish what mental patterns may be causing low energy levels. Anxiety symptoms include feeling worried, irritable, and nervous. Symptoms of depression include feeling sad, restless, and hopeless.

Both conditions can lead to unhealthy sleep patterns and cause tiredness. Following a balanced diet also promotes healthy digestion, which helps to clear and cleanse your body. In fact, research has linked irritable bowel syndrome to chronic fatigue.

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Certain foods might even help to prevent and manage IBS, which could be zapping your energy. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine is important for everyone. “Some foods can worsen your symptoms, so you should avoid them whenever possible.” Here are five foods to eliminate from your diet, and what to eat instead. Your doctor must rule out other health problems before making a diagnosis. Treatment involves learning how to live within your physical limitations or pacing yourself.