Figure 10: Body Map Table.

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Lie supine (back down) on the ground with your feet on the ground. Put your hands near, but not touching, your forehead.

Flex your spine upwards as much as your flexibility will allow. Do not an- chor your feet under anything or anyone.

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Don’t flex from the hips. Spinal flexion is the goal in this particular case primobolan depot for sale, not hip flexion.

Maintain tension throughout the exercise as you lower your torso back to the ground.

Tip: Hold a dumbbell over your chest or hold a rope attachment from a low pulley to add resistance.

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In the image below, you can see an abbreviated body map showing the major muscle groups that you will be concentrating on while following the workouts. The table on the next page shows each of the major muscle groups, along with their anatomical names as well as the names body- builders use (in brackets).

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The table also gives a brief explanation as to the exercises and activities about anabolic steroids without embellishment and that recruit each of the muscle groups.

This map corresponds to the one in the Members’ Area, which you can use to access a series of exercise videos appropriate for each of the major mus- cle groups.

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Figure 10: Body Map Table. These are the different actions each major muscle group performs along with the exercises that work each one.






Draws head backwards either side, raises shoulder girdle

aerobic exercise

Shrugging motion, neck work, overhead work and lifting to shoulders



Extends forearm

Pressing in most forms, all extension movements, overhead lifting and sup- porting.

Latissimus Dorsi


Draws arm downward, backward, and rotates it.

One two hand rowing movements, up- right rowing, pulldowns, pull ups, pull- overs, bench press.


The forearm can either flex or ex- tend depending on the muscle used with in the forearm group

each major

Pinching, gripping, wrist extensions, cleaning weights to shoulders, using thick handled weights.

Gluteus Maximus


Extends thigh and rotates it out- wards.

All knee-bending movements, full, half, and partial squats, deadlifts, leg exten- sions, leg pressing.

Biceps Femorus


major muscle

Flexes leg, rotates it outwards, aids in extension.

Leg curling, stiff leg deadlifts, most exer- cises involving thigh and hip, deep squats with wide stance.



Extends foot.

Calf raises, standing on tip-toe, all forms of calf work, stiff leg deadlifts.



Raises arm to shoulder level and aids in pressing movements.

All forms of forward and lateral raises, pressing movements, overhead lifts, dips, etc.

Biceps Brachialis


Flexes and supinates forearms and adducts arms.

Curling, reverse curling, chinning, pull- downs, all lifts to shoulders, all rowing, lat machine, etc.



Draws arms forward and inward, aids in rotating arm inward.

All supine, decline, incline presses, bent- arm pullovers, all flying movements.

Rectus Abdominus


Flexes stabilizes midsection, compresses viscera, depresses thorax.

All situps, crunches, roman chair, knee raises; all bending and twisting move- ments.

Chapter 7: Cardio/HIIT

Does Cardio Help…Or Hinder Muscle Gain? Cardio And Fat Burning

Exercise Intensity And Energy Systems

High Intensity Interval Training And Tabatas Chapter References

The answer is…yes.

Confused? I’m sure you are. Ever since Ken Cooper’s book, “Aerobics” was first published in 1968, aerobic exercise has been sold – and oversold – as the primary form of exercise for losing weight and/or getting fit.

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Thousands of books and articles have been published since then, all extolling the virtues of aerobic exercise – particularly endurance training – for improving health and body composition.

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You can’t swing a cat without hitting a jogger. Visit any city recreation center, and you’ll see a number of cardio classes being offered. Even in most gyms, the floor space devoted to cardio machines and classes vastly exceeds the space devoted to free weights and associ- ated equipment (e.g., benches, power racks, etc.).

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It’s not surprising that when people start a fitness program, the first thing they think of is cardio.

There are some problems with this view, especially for the person who wants to add muscle. When was the last time you saw someone with a perfect lean and muscular physique who got there by concentrating on cardio training?

The answer is: “never”. I’ve seen plenty of lean people who focus on car- dio training, but they look thin and undermuscled. You’re not reading this book because you want to look like a marathon runner. The reality is that focusing on cardio is not only useless for building muscle, but can actually be counterproductive.

Excessive cardio:

• utilizes calories needed for building muscle;

• depletes glycogen stores;

• increases physical stress, stimulates cortisol production and decreases the testosterone/cortisol ratio ;

• reduces both total and free testosterone levels;

• increases oxidative stress and free radical natural arimidex buy in australia legally and side effects production;

• oxidizes amino acids needed for muscle growth/repair;

• increases risk of injury (especially higher impact activities);

• impairs recovery from strength training;

• can reduce power output

• can lead to overtraining.

• can induce conversion of fast twitch muscle fibers to slow twitch.